Color codes:         

22 - classic tabby(swirls or marble)
23 - macharel tabby( vertical stripes on the body)

24 - spotted tabby
25 - ticked tabby(no pattern on body. pattern on legs and tail)

11 - shaded

12 - shell

White on body codes:
01 = Van(mostly white body color. Dark color on

        tail and ears)
03 = Bicolor
09 = Unspecified amount of white

Basic body colors:

n - black
a - blue
d - red
e - creme
f - blacktortie
g - bluetortie
s - silver

w - white


To have kittens in diluted colors (cream, blue), both parents need to be carrier of dilute. 


To have solid kittens (no pattern), both parents need to be carrier of solid. 

Patterned color: (agouti or tabby)

Agouti is a dominate color pattern. It only takes one gene from one parent to produce a pattern in the coat.  If the kitten receives 2 agouti genes, one from each parent, it will be homozygous for agouti.